The Tainted Clock Is Counting Down

I know I said my heart beats for you. I was lying girl, it beats for two. Because I got your love and I got these vices.
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PostSubject: Fading....   Fading.... Icon_minitime1Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:30 pm

“What the hell do you not understand? She’s missing Kaname! Missing!” Leo snapped as he brought his fist sharply down onto the desk separating them. His green eyes were burning with frustration but underneath you could see just how fearful he was for Claire.
“She’s only been missing for two days, Leo. For all we know she just went off on her own for awhile.” Condor muttered softly from his position against the wall. He’s barely visible in the candlelight but from the tone of his voice he does not seem all that concerned.
Leo spun around to face his other brother, “And suppress all her magical energy? Don’t get me wrong, she’s a smart girl and she is quite powerful but only a few of their parents have been able to master this skill. I highly doubt she’s mastered such a technique.” His eyes drop to the floor and all three fall silent for a brief moment.
“Well…it’s much too early to decide whether Claire is missing or if she’s simple went out of the range of our magical abilities. However, if she is missing, who or what took her and for what reason? Claire, like you said Leo, may be an intelligent young lady with some potential but the rest of them have that same potential. I’m sure the rest of them are scared, to some extent, so I think I’ll arrange for a little gathering at my house tomorrow night. That way, I can keep a close eye on everyone. Especially, Grimmjow.” Kaname leaned forward on his desk, his hands folded in front of his face.
“Kaname, if he’s the reason Claire has disappeared, I will have your head. I knew you shouldn’t have taken that filth in. It was nothing more than an excuse for his buddies to attack us. And why in-” Kaname swiftly interrupted Leo.
“You think I’d so easily endanger everyone? I’m not an idiot, Leo. I’ve had my eye on him since day one. While I do mistrust him, I know that he’s a benefit to us. They take one of ours; we already have one of theirs. Not to mention, Fonn-as much as it pains me to say this-has him wrapped around her finger.” Kaname paused for a moment. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, “Unfortunately, I think they both have some kind of emotional attachment to one another.”
Both Leo and Condor turned to face their older brother. “What?”
Kaname closed his eyes. “I’m afraid so. I’m not sure why my granddaughter takes such an interest in him, but she does.”
“Well, it is a benefit to us. In many senses.” Condor said, as he stepped forward and stood beside Leo. “She’d keep him from doing anything like kidnapping (or assisting in the kidnap) of one of the other kids.”
Kaname mulled over Condor’s statement for a minute. Finally, he looked up at both of his brothers, “While that may be true, it also means that if he did do anything wrong, she’d protect him until she ran out of ways to save him. It’s only natural, really.”
“But, they aren’t actually dating so why would she do that?” Leo questioned in an annoyed tone.
“Well, how far would you go to protect Glacia?” Kaname asked, with one eye opened to scan over his brother’s face.
Leo’s eyes fell to the floor. “Anything.”
“Precisely.” Kaname stood up from his desk and walked towards the door of the guest room they were in. “Well, then, my brothers, I’ll be sure to invite everyone for the gathering tomorrow night. However, Leo, I think you should invite Glacia. Just because things have faded does not mean that you’re hope should fade too.” He offered Leo a slight, warm smile before he opened the door and left to his chambers where Leona was resting.

[This occurs at the same time the 3rd generation follows Grimmjow into Hueco Mundo. I just wanted to add this]
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