The Tainted Clock Is Counting Down

I know I said my heart beats for you. I was lying girl, it beats for two. Because I got your love and I got these vices.
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 Hi My Names Are Carmen, Vivien, Asher, and Derrik. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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Hi My Names Are Carmen, Vivien, Asher, and Derrik. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Empty
PostSubject: Hi My Names Are Carmen, Vivien, Asher, and Derrik. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.   Hi My Names Are Carmen, Vivien, Asher, and Derrik. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Icon_minitime1Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:10 pm

"Mmm, baby, please, just for a moment," Carmen muttered whenever she was free from his lips.
"No, stay here..."
Carmen pushed him away, and there was nothing gentle about it. He looked pissed. "Sorry hon, but I'm tired of repeating myself. That was the third time. You know how it is. I gotta go check to make sure everything's running smoothely..if anybody makes their way into my parents' rooms I'm gonna personally kick their asses. Last year they almost found out because something was severely out of place. Anyways, I'll be back," she said, getting off her bed and adjusting her dress, which was half fallen off.
"Don't even bother," her boyfriend replied, "we're done here."
"Psh, yeah, whatever, that's your fucking alcohol talking. Sober a bit before I come back, 'kay babe?" she said, grabbing his cup he had left on his table before exiting the room. She slammed the door on his outburst, rolling her eyes as she click clacked with her stilettos down the hall way. He could be such a pain in her ass when he was drunk, and especially at parties, when she didn't want to be tied to him twenty-four seven. That's why it was a party, right? There was time for fucking when they were alone. She wanted to enjoy parties for their purpose; to dance and to get fucked up. And sometimes, to hook up, but that's not an option, now, is it? No siree, because she had a boyfriend who just couldn't get off of her ass. She sighed and shaked her head, surveying everything from the second floor over the railing. She had a really good view from here. The alcohol was getting to her as well, but she was only buzzed. She leaned across the railing, her elbow propped up to hold her head and her legs crossed as she watched the sea of people. This was a good feeling, being calm. Despite all the noise and things happening around her, Carmen felt at peace.

"I hate these parties," Vivien muttered, folding her arms and sulking under a flower tree in the courtyard. She watched a petal drop slowly. Not many people were outside, it was only a few couples and her and Asher sitting on the bench. "The music hurts my ears." Her voice was even, not whiny at all, more monotone and apathetic than anything. But it was also very pretty, like a chime in the distance, but with the texture of a feather.
"That's why we're outside," Asher replied gently, his voice similar to hers, except more masculine, of course. "You know this is the day we feed the best.."
She nodded. "I agree..the alcohol really works wonders." Not only does it intoxicate the human into vulnerability and forgetfulness, but it's also quite nice mixed with the blood, too. A nice little treat for two hungry vamps. "I just wish they didn't last so long.."
He nodded, staring up at the moon that basked its light on them. "Me too."
Vivien watched his posture carefully, wondering why he could look so easily like a beautiful sculpture. She silently cursed him for being so beautiful. It made her want to stab her eyes out.<< this is mostly out of jealousy, not desire LOLL.
"Wanna go in?"
She snapped out of her trance. "What did you say?"
"I asked, would you like to go in," he repeated himself, watching her reaction.
"Am I hearing you right? Maybe the music is getting to my ears."
He laughed. "Yes you are. Well, we never do, so why not see what it's like?"
"You're joking," she said in horror, a huge lump forming in her throat.
He frowned. "No, I'm really not, Viv." He got up, and held out a hand towards her. "Come with me?"
She stared up at it, then into his eyes, and took it. "Only becuase it's you. I hate you."

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Hi My Names Are Carmen, Vivien, Asher, and Derrik. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
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