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 The Side Conversations of Scarlet and Red

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The Side Conversations of Scarlet and Red Empty
PostSubject: The Side Conversations of Scarlet and Red   The Side Conversations of Scarlet and Red Icon_minitime1Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:55 am

Scarlet arrived back at the lunch table in a flurry, all flustered and breathless. Red stared at her with wide, blue eyes. "Scar?"
"I'm fine, Red," she replied, smoothing out her skirt before she sat down, crossing her legs. She laughed a little, "I learned that one from the movies."
He nodded, -___-. "So, what happened to you?"
"Oh nothing, I just..walked into the boys bathroom by accident. I didn't know they had separate bathrooms here.." she explained, her face getting a little puffy and her voice squeaking at the end.
His eyes widened, realizing that when that happened, she was near tears. "Oh, heavens, don't cry, Scar, it'll be fine...did anybody see you?"
Shaking her head yes, she bit her bottom lip- it usually stopped her from crying. "I ran into a boy," she said, wiping her eye with her hands. "He was nice about it, but..he gave me a weird look, and then I started to ramble." She was biting her lip hard now. "Sorry, Red, I'm usually not like's just been a long day."
"It's fine..well, on the bright side..."
"There's a bright side?"
"Oh be quiet. Yes, I caught word of a party happening later..."
Almost instantly, her face was cleared up, and she sat up straight and alert in her seat. "Party?!"
"Yes, a, don't get your hopes up, you know it won't be like the ones back at home.."
"You never know. Everything's kind of similar, except those freakin' bathrooms.." she trailed off.
"Forget about the bathrooms!" he exclaimed, interrupting her thoughts so that she wouldn't start at it again. "Anyway, apparently it's a party that's been held for many years..we'll just ask someone to figure out how to get there.."
"Who's holding it?"
"Some lady who goes by the name of Carmen."
Scarlet looked around the cafeteria. They sat alone, in a corner, but rather hidden from the rest of the room. "I wonder if she's in this lunch.."
Red coughed into his fist, clearing his throat. "Scarlet? May I ask, how did the boy's- the one you ran into, sorry to bring it up again- heart look like?"
She turned back to face him, her face serene with thought. "Cracked, but they aren't old cracks, they're fresh. But it appeared to be strong.."
"Throbbing back and forth from green and purple to it's normal state."
Red held his chin, picturing it in his head. "I see...we could work with that."
Scarlet smiled brightly. "Indeed we can!"
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The Side Conversations of Scarlet and Red
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